We are no longer hold our legal license, however, we strike to provide in-depth understandings in our areas of practice using our penal of legal experts. We are happy to work closely with these legal experts to provide you with solutions to your legal issues.

Our legal team is dedicated to provide reliable legal advice and services in our areas of practice.

Tax law
– Corporate tax, income tax, payroll tax, capital gain tax, GST
– Tax advice and solutions
– Involved in company, trust, superannuation, personal tax and family wealth

Criminal law
– drug of various quantities (supply or possession)
— crime proceeds,
— money laundering
— personal injury
— traffic offences
— domestic violence
— statutory criminal liabilities

Immigration law
– Work visa (457), Employer Nomination Scheme visa (186, 187), Business Skilled visas (188, 888, 132), Parents visa (143), Refugee (866)
— AAT review
— Federal Court litigation
— Ministerial Intervention
— Immigration detention
-We follow MARA’s Code of Conduct, see here.

Property law
– Buying and selling properties, development land acquisitions, off the plan contracts and option.
– Due diligence study and FIRB
– Construction contract
– Strata management
– Lease
– Compulsory land acquisition
– Legal services in mid to small size residential, mixed and retirement village developments.

Commercial law
– Asset, share or franchise transactions including due diligence, FIRB and commercial contracts
– Intelligent Property (IP): trade mark and patent applications, IP licence, IP infringements (injunctions and damages)
– Corporation, insolvency and liquidation
– Personal property security
– Involved in medicine, foods, IT, finance, manufacture, winery, retails and other industries.

Industrial relations
– Employment, entitlements, termination, dismissal, general protection and employer policy.
– To deal with trade unions and Fair Work Ombudsman.
– Represent employers and employees in Fair Work Commission and Federal Court.

Civil litigation
Debt recovery, court injunction, right infringement, disputes over contract, insurance claims, etc.

Compliance with
– Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO)
– Department of Immigration and Border Protection (BIDP)
– Liquor Authority (ILGA)
– Department of Education and Training (DET).


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